About Us

Caring Links Healthcare Ltd is a progressive thinking provider committed to providing exceptional support/care services for individual adults (with learning disabilities or Older Adults) through person centred care plans.

Caring Links Healthcare Ltd was established in 2016 by two nursing practitioners with many years of diverse experience working within the NHS and in the care sector.

Our Services

Caring Links Healthcare provides 24 hour supported independent living for people with learning disabilities.We also provide various levels of domiciliary care for Older Adults within their own homes.

Depending on individual needs and care plans, we offer varied support including;

  • Support with activities of daily living (including personal care, shopping and payment of bills, preparation of meals, attending healthcare appointments etc.
  • Community participation; this involves attending religious/spiritual gatherings, attending colleges, attending voluntary work, attending leisure activities etc. We support individuals to be fully integrated in the communities that they live. This involves our support staff and management team working together challenging the barriers and discrimination that individuals might face.
  • Most significantly we support individuals to stay connected with their loved ones (family and friends) and to develop new and maintain meaningful relationships.

How We do it

  • After an individual assessment of needs, we develop individual person-centred care plans that are regularly reviewed when needs change.
  • We recruit staff with a passion to make a difference in people’s lives.
  • Our staff receives regular training which equips them with the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to deliver high quality person centred care.
  • Support staff and the management team create a safe and stable environment which enables service users to develop trust and good working relationships

Our Values

We are committed to providing individualised services with an emphasis on a person-centred approach. This means that we do not expect the recipient of our services to fit into the service, rather we provide a service that meets the individual’s needs.

Everyone has a right to live a valued independent life with the right support that they need.

Individuals need their health (physical/emotional) needs to be well addressed in a respectful, dignified, and non-judgmental manner.

Individuals will be supported to develop and maintain meaningful relationships which help them to achieve a sense of belonging which in turn helps them to feel loved and valued.

Everyone has a right to life, and as equal citizens, we support individuals to participate or be included in their local communities.

We believe that for individuals to be able to enjoy life they need to have a balance of fun (things that they enjoy) and trying new things. Therefore, for individuals to grow, develop and try new experiences we promote positive risk taking. To achieve this, we support individuals to take assessed risks, which are carefully managed through risk management plans.